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  • Giant – The Complete Series

    It is done. Giant is now available in it’s entirety. Thanks to all involved. Here it is!

  • Giant – The podcast series.

    Part One. Two years ago I was locked down in my brother’s little flat in Swansea. I was anxious about many things, like everyone. I had just finished a novel and wanted something new to write, when my brother said “I’ve had this idea for a kid’s story, about a giant who comes out from […]

  • Understaffed

    – I’ve been thinking about something – What is it? – I wanted to talk to you about it. – You can talk to me about anything, anything you want. – I’ve been thinking about it for a while. – If you’ve been thinking about it, it must be worth saying. All your thoughts are […]

  • Adrestia

    Continuing the Others series of stories with this number. Imagine this is you.  Okay? You are a late twenties woman. You have a well-paid job which you don’t hate. You have a long-term boyfriend; you don’t hate him either. Actually, you love him very much. It took you a while to admit it, to get […]

  • The Best View

    I am Jon Partridge Beloved folk musician 1975-2020 Who loved this park. That’s who I am, that’s what it says on me, that’s how I know. People use me for lots of things, but I think the thing I do best is give people a place to sit and think. I like that I do […]

  • Therefore I Am Not

    The most played out scenario in his head is the one where he contaminates the office water cooler with a certain slow acting and undetectable poison. He likes to go through the steps of it – all the little steps, one by one – during his morning walks to work. He has everything planned. A […]

  • The Gardener of Eden

    Next in the Others collection is a story which has been published in Litro Magazine and recently made the front cover of Issue 28 of Open Pen. The Gardener of Eden The gardener of Eden is a lonely man. If anyone were to watch him while he inspects every blade of grass and every petal […]

  • Broken Puppets

    I’ve got some new stories for 2022 in a collection I’m calling Others. Each story is about the weird side of relationships. Connection Lost was the first, here’s the next. Broken Puppets They were fighting again last night. I hear them all the time, from up here in my box, at the top of this […]

  • Connection Lost

    Connection Lost This story was published in Caustic Frolic’s Spring ’21 edition Was it good for you? I thought I told you to stop asking that. I’m sorry. And I thought I told you to stop apologising. …  That’s better. I’m going to have to send another email to customer service, aren’t I? You’d think […]

  • Chasing The Dragon

    Chasing The Dragon was published by Your Life Is A Trip in August 2021. Chasing the Dragon Richard Owen Collins We start walking at noon. The weather is mild. We’ve been obsessively checking the reports the last few days. Some light rain expected, but otherwise clear. This is good. We’re prepared. We lug our […]