Giant – The podcast series.

Part One. Two years ago I was locked down in my brother’s little flat in Swansea. I was anxious about many things, like everyone. I had just finished a novel and wanted something new to write, when my brother said “I’ve had this idea for a kid’s story, about a giant who comes out from […]


– I’ve been thinking about something – What is it? – I wanted to talk to you about it. – You can talk to me about anything, anything you want. – I’ve been thinking about it for a while. – If you’ve been thinking about it, it must be worth saying. All your thoughts are […]


Continuing the Others series of stories with this number. Imagine this is you.  Okay? You are a late twenties woman. You have a well-paid job which you don’t hate. You have a long-term boyfriend; you don’t hate him either. Actually, you love him very much. It took you a while to admit it, to get […]

The Best View

I am Jon Partridge Beloved folk musician 1975-2020 Who loved this park. That’s who I am, that’s what it says on me, that’s how I know. People use me for lots of things, but I think the thing I do best is give people a place to sit and think. I like that I do […]

Therefore I Am Not

The most played out scenario in his head is the one where he contaminates the office water cooler with a certain slow acting and undetectable poison. He likes to go through the steps of it – all the little steps, one by one – during his morning walks to work. He has everything planned. A […]

The Gardener of Eden

Next in the Others collection is a story which has been published in Litro Magazine and recently made the front cover of Issue 28 of Open Pen. The Gardener of Eden The gardener of Eden is a lonely man. If anyone were to watch him while he inspects every blade of grass and every petal […]

Broken Puppets

I’ve got some new stories for 2022 in a collection I’m calling Others. Each story is about the weird side of relationships. Connection Lost was the first, here’s the next. Broken Puppets They were fighting again last night. I hear them all the time, from up here in my box, at the top of this […]

Connection Lost

Connection Lost This story was published in Caustic Frolic’s Spring ’21 edition Was it good for you? I thought I told you to stop asking that. I’m sorry. And I thought I told you to stop apologising. …  That’s better. I’m going to have to send another email to customer service, aren’t I? You’d think […]